About Me

Hello, my name is Alondra Villalobos but a lot of people call me Al. I was born in Encinitas, CA and this is my third year at CSUSM. I’m very passionate about art and would like to make a career out of this passion. I’m a painter and I am always looking for new medias to explore because art is very important to me. I hope to do interior design or graphic design as a career but will be satisfied if I do anything relating to art. I enrolled in the AMD103 course because I wanted to learn about photography and wanted more experience with camera work. I hope to learn about the different factors that go into creating an image and then use what I learn to incorporate it into the work that I already do.

Photography Exercise

September 15, 2020

Response to Proof: The Photographers on Photography | National Geographic

While initially listening to the audio itself, I had the freedom to use my imagination while the speakers were explaining why photography is so important to them. With their descriptions I created images in my head as a way to grasp what they were saying, as I am a visual learner. The second time, when both audio and video were played, it was a lot more meaningful because I was able to see the face of the speaker and their work being showcased beside them. I could see the time, effort, and passion in the photographs which made it easier to see what point they were trying to get across. It was also motivational to see the power that the images hold along with the speakers noting that a lot of the experiences behind the images are life changing and eye opening.

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